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At this auspicious time in our world, the complexity of the problems we face can feel daunting, at times, even incomprehensible.

We are faced with an opportunity to choose.  ...To rise up, or not.

Live our lives with a deeper happiness, despite what goes on around us, or be what?  Stuck?  Confused?  Overloaded? Worried?

I call it the hamster wheel. Let us free oursleves from that.

What comes first?

We must decide and choose how we want to live.


I challenge you today, dear ones, to decide and choose.  I can help you get the tangled ball of yarn free by helping you to access the miraculous super-power of YOU combined with my coaching.

Let's connect and do it!

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Offering You

Trained & certified in The Core Energy Process, I am a Life Coach & Mentor.

I am committed and excited to take the leap with you, a deep dive.

Offering you fresh and invigorating programs, e-products, and Session Types for you to engage in.

I help you breakthrough the stuck, overload, worry, confusion.

You get to...

  • Learn how to breakthrough the density of confusion, doubt, worry, overload
  • Learn The 7 Energetic Levels and how it changes everything
  • See exactly where your default tendencies are
  • Learn how to Shift and navigate your day differently to feel better and attract more of what you want
  • Write a Personal or Professional Mission Statement
  • Create a Vision for what you want more of
  • Write your newly evolving story
  • Identify what you yearn for
  • Identify patterns and loops that diminish what you want
  • How to create your own Customized Breakthroughs
  • Create accountability plans & circles of support
  • Learn Mindfulness
  • Discover your Brilliant HeartMinded Solutions
  • Learn new stuff about Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how Guided Meditation can change everything

Education & Professional Experience

I attended the University of New Orleans, earning a bachelor and masters degree in education with concentrations in curriculum, language development, psychology, and innovative programs in education.

My post-graduate work lead to professional certifications in reading and language, community social service, emotional health, adult education/training, program development, family support, advocacy, coaching, mentoring, and energy healing,

My interest and work with the transformative arts brings me to offer intuitive readings to those interested in this modality.

Life is amazing!  I have served as an educator, teacher, college instructor, facilitator, support-education program coordinator, trainer, team member, curriculum director, consultant, patient/family advocate, and family liaison in a hospital and community setting.

And of course, I am also honored and humbly blessed to be a mother, friend, and sister, and aunt!

Life Experience

Through personal tragedy, I learned first-hand how to transform pain, suffering, and limitation into a life full of possibility and how to transform life’s obstacles into opportunities.


Professional Affiliations and Ethics              

As a professional, I value the use of evidence-based practice to guide Delivery of Services.

I am professionally trained and certified at iPEC, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, a premier coach training program.

Programs & Process.

Core Energy Process™, Law of Being™, and Energy Leadership™ programs. A customized blend is offered in a step-by-step self-mastery program I call Your Complete Life™

Your Complete Life program uniquely blends the Core-Process with a Leadership and BEing training, which is evolving currently from fields and works in Mindfulness of Jon Kabat-Zinn, present-moment awareness, studies in transformation, neuro-science, soul alchemy, heart-minded practices, and positive psychology.

Etics & Professional Practices.

Adopted from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.  To learn more, click here.  www.coachfederation.org.  For Energy Healing & Reiki practice, if requested as a service, I follow the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) Code of Ethics, see www.iarp.org.

In person Reiki and Energy Healing is not offered at this time. I appreciate your patience.   Feel free to ask questions and discuss your interest during a Discovery Call at

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