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Coaching FAQ:

Q:  What can I expect from our Coaching sessions?
A:  Sessions are scheduled and customized just for you. During sessions, you will be engaged in the best coaching processes to get clarity, get inspired, identify obstacles, shift your energy and create breakthroughs that enable you to see things differently, take action and reach your life goals.

Q:  How can the 20 Minute Online Personal Power Energy Assessment (ELI) help me with my experience in coaching?
A:  Using the online personal power assessment tool (ELI), you will learn the 7 Energetic Levels, get your own Energetic Profile and discover exactly what stands in the way of you reaching your goals. It provides you with a launching point for your coaching experience. You can purchase the ELI with or without coaching.

Q:  What do I get when I buy coaching sessions or packages, besides sessions?
A:  Personal & Educational Enrichment:  During sessions Martha uses brief centering meditations & visual imagery for your enjoyment and to help you access your inner wisdom and to discover your own ‘truth’. To support and expand your experience, she can provide, upon request, PDFs on a topic you want to know more about. For information on available topics, email Martha.

Q:  I’ve heard coaching takes place on the phone, is this true?
A:  Yes, sessions are conducted over the phone. 

Q:  Can I coach with Martha if I’m not local?
A:  Martha is happy to work with you no matter where you live.

Q:  Are there assignments/tasks to complete between sessions?
A:  Yes, between sessions, you have tasks/assignments to complete to help you reach your goals. As an accountability partner, Martha will help you identify additional accountability partners to ensure success in your each endeavor. Also, If you have questions or simply want to share how things are going, you can send a message. Periodically, she will share additional resources and links to enrich and expand your experience.

Reiki & Energy Healing FAQ:

Q:  How long has Reiki been used and where did it originate?
A:  Reiki has roots in Japan around the beginning of the 20th century.  Reiki was taught in the US in the 1930’s and since then, more and more people are experiencing Reiki and its many benefits.

Q:  How long do the effects of Reiki last?
A:  Some benefits are experienced over time and some benefits are realized during your session or in the few days following your Reiki session.

Q:  What are the general benefits to Reiki?
A:  Many people report that they experience great comfort and relaxation during a Reiki session. Other immediate benefits can include a reduction of stress and tension, emotional release, enlightened states, and overall well-being. If you’re tired, you may feel energized or if you’re wound up and tense, you might emotional relief.

Q:  How can Reiki affect the brain and emotions?
A:   Reiki can help you gain clarity and focus. With greater focus you may find that decision making is easier. People have reported feeling more relaxed and easy going with the completion of tasks and reaching set goals.

Q:  What is Reiki used for medically?
A:  To support your health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; To improve recovery from a medical condition or surgery; To manage and improve minor or chronic health conditions; To contribute to the quality of end-of-life-care

Q: Do you have a medical condition and would like to feel better?
A: Reiki can support your medical treatments and help you to heal.

Q: Are you healthy and want to stay that way?
A: Reiki can promote well-being and a strengthened immune system.

Q: Would you like to feel more connected and balanced in your life?
A: Reiki can restore balance and feelings of connectedness.

Q: Are you healthy, but feel out of sync?
A: Reiki can re-align and balance your system and foster positive action.

Q: Do you sometimes feel depressed, anxious, or unable to meet life challenges?
A: Reiki can release blocked emotions, reduce stress, and tension giving you greater access to solutions.

Q: Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or stuck?
A: Reiki can bring clarity and inner-wisdom to guide you.

Q: Would you like to enrich or deepen your life?
A: Reiki can bring deeper happiness, fulfillment, and greater satisfaction in life.

Q:  Where can I learn more about Reiki?
A:  Here are a few sites to visit.

International Association of Reiki Professionals

The International Center for Reiki Training

The Center for Reiki Research