What if you finally found a coach and mentor who …

  • Truly cares about your success AND happiness in ALL areas of your life— so much so that her life mission is to help you live a life you love in ALL areas of your life
  • Is dedicated to helping you create personal power so you can take your work and life to the next level by creating new possibilities for expanded results you might not have imagined till now
  • Knows how to help you get unstuck, out of struggle, change the habits, clear the speed bumps, slice right through the internal obstacles that hold you back and keep you from expanding who you are
  • Is knowledgeable, professionally trained, certified and highly skilled with the BEST information, coaching tools, strategies and processes
  • Is intuitive, strategic and gets who you are while offering a comprehensive plan in a step by step approach, built on a foundation of powerful concepts and principles so the changes you create are SUSTAINABLE
  • Has the proven results and research that supports her Personal Power Formula within a Self-Mastery System that delivers by …


  • Direct access so you can learn how to activate your power to accelerate your growth and development in your business and in any area of your life
  • Your own personal Power Mojo to use in ANY area of life and work, any time you want, with tools in your back pocket that really work
  • The ability to influence and engage others like a magnet
  • Increased productivity in less time, — so there’s more time for more fun
  • Less stress and overwhelm with greater confidence, self-assuredness, ready to take powerful action down the path to YOUR New Life
  • A Formula of Personal Power that cuts right through the struggle and catapults you into your ideal image of what you want in your personal life, in your career, and in your relationships
  • A laser-like process to create your ideal image of a life you love and access to techniques and tips that can work for you so you don’t have to work so hard

Read some of the testimonies to hear what clients are saying about their life.

The clients I work with want to-

~ Be or do something really special in life but sometimes get stuck

~ Accelerate their business but get too busy and bogged down or overwhelmed

~ Get expanded results, but doubt or fear get in the way 

~ Discover more out of life and want something special 

~ Take life and their careers to the next level with clarity and more confidence

~ Live their dreams or do something different and sometimes get overwhelmed

~ Create a new life-style that fits who they are and love their life MORE!

~ Be a leader, able to engage others around them

~ Be the best version of themselves and reach their potential   

~ Start over, create a NEW life  and leave the past behind

~ Be a better person—the one they were meant to be

~ Figure out what’s missing and fill in with what truly matters

What’s unique about Martha?

Martha is described by her clients as knowledgeable, resourceful, solution oriented, inspiring, thought-provoking, caring, intuitive, and gets to the ‘heart of the matter’ helping you to discover WHAT gets in your way and BLOCKS you from the level of SUCCESS you want, the level of success you deserve, and the level of success that expresses the best version of YOU—so you are more fulfilled, happier, loving your life more than ever. She is a professional level coach and has a proven Self-Mastery System that is a LIFE-CHANGER, based on sound concepts and principles so the RESULTS you get can last.  She is driven to help you create Success, Happiness and a Life You Love, while helping you to get clear and solution focused.


All of Martha’s Coaching and Mentoring Programs Include:                          

~ Client options for added weekly support  

~ Educational support for learning new concepts and distinctions 

~ Highly customized services to meet your individual desires, wants, needs 

~ Support and resource options for the client who wants it all

~ Sustainability plans so the positive changes you make last

Coaching And Mentoring Programs

•  VIP Day or VIP Half-Day Program:

VIP Half-Day includes 4 hours and VIP Whole-Day includes 8 hours

If you like the idea of getting that ‘extra’ individual attention and you’re ambitious and motivated to move faster and get a lot done right away this might be a program for you.  Depending on your location and availability, you may have the option to choose a LIVE experience or a VISUALLY aided call or AUDIO (Phone) call.  This will include breaks for rejuvenating, a lunch break and snack breaks.

Both include the 20 Minute Online State-of-The-Art Power-Energy Assessment and a private,       1-1 one hour debrief to learn all about the 7 Power-Energy Levels and how to use the results from your Personal Profile as a compass to complete your own Life Mastery System.  The assessment gives you immediate and direct access to possibilities for accelerated success and happiness in areas of Work, Life, or Career that you choose to focus on.

Two weeks after your scheduled VIP, Half Day or Full Day, we have 2 scheduled phone sessions to discuss questions, obstacles, BLOCKS or further strategies for your UNLIMITED SUCCESS.  Some clients choose to move from a VIP Half-Day or Whole-Day to a 3-6 or 12 Month Private Coaching Program.

To learn more about VIP client programs, OR to schedule a complimentary consultation or Discovery Strategy Session contact Martha at 972-561-0080.

•  Private Client 3-6-12 Month Create Personal Power & Self-Mastery Program:

  • Includes 4/60 minute sessions per month
  • Includes the State-of-the-Art Power Assessment with a Personal Profile and Report PLUS a 1-1 private debrief with Martha so you can use the results to create multiple Life Changing Experiences.
  • Includes client options such as email, phone calls, and texting

For more information on 3-6-12 Month or to schedule a complimentary consultation or a Discovery and Strategy Session, contact Martha at 972-561-0080.

•  Private Client Mentoring Only Program for Personal Power & Self-Mastery:

  • Same as Monthly Programs
  • Coaching strategies and tools are used, however the mentoring style leads the way
  • A Discovery Session is available for a FEE to hear more about mentorship, which includes a strategy session (60 minutes).
  • For more information, or to schedule a complimentary coaching session or Discovery-Strategy Session contact Martha at 972-561-0081.

 •  Group Coaching Personal Power & Self-Mastery Program:

Group coaching is designed to meet the specific desires, interests, wants, goals for a like-minded group or for a group in a specific industry.


Read More Here:

Examples for Like-Minded Group Coaching– A group of girl scout leaders want to create a special summer program for girls that is designed to achieve a goal around a central them such as girls as emerging leaders.  (Usually 3-6 Months)

Examples for Industry Driven Group Coaching– A group of 1-5 year business owners want to create high level success plans and later have an option for mastermind experience within a group coaching format.  (Usually 6 Months+)

  • A FORUM is established for the GROUP members, via Facebook for additional support, information, and resources for ALL clients to access, as an option.
  • Whether a client begins at the VIP, private or a group level, they are given lifetime access to the Community Forum.  This is a private group and clients only participate.                                                         
  • For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation or a Discovery Strategy Session, contact Martha at 972-561-0081


• Power-Up! to Extraordinary Living:  (6 Week Online Program for Mastery Living) 

This group is formed 2-3 times per year.  Groups are either diverse, same industry or like-minded groups.  The goal is to introduce and promote the concepts below.

TYPE:  Weekly Calls, Presentation, Some Interaction, Powerful Learning Opportunity, Individual Goal Setting

SUPPORT & LEARNING:  Each week, members receive PDF’s for educational support, self-learning,  and engage in creative assignments.


  • Unlimited Potential
  • The Power of Choice
  • The Power of Passion, Purpose, Vision
  • The Mission Statement Revisted
  • Visual Imagery to Gain Access and Activate Personal Power
  • Self-Awareness
  • The Role of Consciousness, Power, and Energy in Success
  • …And More

More Information on Group Coaching-

  • A FORUM is established for POWER UP! To Extraordinary members, via Facebook for additional support, information, and resources for ALL clients to access, as an option.
  • Whether a client begins at the VIP, private or a group level, they are given lifetime access to the Community Forum.  This is a private group and clients only participate.


“I have yet to see a method or modality that is
 as powerful, fun,

and sustainable!  There’s true genius in it.” 


Join the Personal Power Self-Mastery Program and choose which kind of program fits you.

Transformations for YOUR COMPLETE LIFE!

It’s an Inside Job: Your Core Energy and Core Power


Martha Nugent, M.Ed.,CPC,ELI-MP