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“Things were a mess in most areas of my life. When my fiancé passed away and I had to move and change jobs all at the same time, I was in a panic and experienced stress that really got the best of me. Martha was so knowledgeable, caring, and resourceful. She had a tool or a process for everything that came up in the 4 months we worked together. Her level of professionalism and attention to detail was amazing. The best part of my experience in coaching with Martha is that I know she’s always there when life gets in the way. I really can’t thank her enough. I’d call her again in a second.”

Victoria B. Mandeville, La.

“Martha is warm and friendly, and she is committed to helping others. Her help was invaluable in helping me to get out of my own way with all my thoughts and concerns which blocked me from accomplishing a specific goal. She helped me to appreciate my strengths and be more aware, especially when my over-thinking left me stymied. Martha kept me focused all the while encouraging and showing empathy along the way. She had my best interest at heart, and I trust her implicitly. Her demeanor is calm and reassuring which made me feel comfortable. Her sense of humor matched mine as we laughed often.”

Angie S. Covington, La.

“With loving yet wise-cracking ‘advice’, Martha inspired me to unlock my spiritual potential so I could use my unique talents to help others. Martha helped me dream big and taught me how to back it up with daily actions to create measurable results. She cares deeply about you and is committed to not only getting you results, but also making learning irresistibly fun!”

Kristin M. New Orleans, La.

“As my coach, Martha helped me dig through all the doubts and fears that were no longer serving my life. I’ve always had the desire to change the mundane routine in my life and do something more, but all the muck lingering in my mind was keeping me from experiencing the life I truly wanted. Through every session, Martha helped me uncover the passion that was waiting below and I am forever grateful to her for helping me start to create such a wonderful, joyful life. Her coaching process helped me focus on my goals in a way that I’ve never experienced before. I learned how to prioritize my career and personal aspirations in a manageable fashion that not only produced tangible results, but saved me time, unnecessary frustration and money.”

Lesley S. Dallas, Texas 

“I was very hesitant about hiring a coach and now that I’ve completed a program with Martha, I realize I didn’t understand what a powerful and dynamic process it can be. The changes I’ve made in my life have made me happier than I’ve been in years. I was frustrated and confused and now I feel satisfied and inspired to live my life on purpose and to fulfill my heart’s desires, knowing that I’ve got what it takes to be extraordinary.”

Jenny C. Atlanta, Georgia

“As a professional working in the healing arts, my life is rich and satisfying, however, stress, worry, doubt and even fear can creep in and sabotage our best efforts. I have worked with coaches before and was happy with the results. But, when I met Martha Nugent at a professional event, we got to talking. I asked her questions about her approach to coaching. We talked and talked, I was intrigued.

“My curiosity turned into fascination and a real interest in trying out the coaching process she uses called The Core Energy Process. I learned that ‘WHAT I do’ and ‘HOW I do it’ is one thing. By taking a close, compassionate and curious look at WHO I am on the inside, I learned about the power of internal energetic levels. I took the online ELI Assessment and scheduled the debrief which was quite the ‘eye-opener’. There was no turning back. We worked together for 3 full months and then later in the year, I signed up for another month. The time spent has been a real investment in my life. It was well worth the money and quite affordable, really!

“During each session, Martha was intuitive and skilled at presenting information I knew nothing about and teaching and coaching me on how to navigate and shift my energy levels to match the needs in any given situation. I feel incredibly inspired about what I learned and know that for the rest of my life, I will be able to use the skills I learned. I have a new found rich relationship with myself.”

Jennifer B. New Orleans, La.

“Thank you, Martha, for showing me how to breakthrough patterns of struggle and overwhelm. My life was fine and then I lost 3 family members, one of them was my son. I thought I’d die of sadness. The grieving process has been overwhelming and very painful. She listened deeply to what I said and asked me amazing questions that helped me find my way to some peace, calm and most importantly self-love.”

Beth D. Denver, Colorado

“Martha was the first coach I’d ever worked with. I was overwhelmed with my work as a nurse and unhappy with my life, in general. To make matters worse, I was feeling depressed, unsure of myself, and definitely stuck. Worse yet, I didn’t have a plan for how to get out of the ‘life funk’ I was in. We worked together for only 2 months, but I got so much out of it. I learned new ways to manage stress and strategies for ongoing self-care and how to breakthrough what I thought kept me from being able to change anything for the better. At the end, I was more confident, definitely happier and had a plan on how to move forward. She definitely had a way with getting to the ‘heart of the matter.’”

Sheryl M. Dallas, Texas 

“Martha has been an invaluable resource to me in my life. I’ve worked with her a few times over a couple of years and each time I learned more and more about myself. I discovered the power of my imagination and how calming my mind throughout each day can change the way I see people and the world. I was confused and overwhelmed with how to resolve a few work issues at and how to heal broken relationships with family members following a family crisis. No matter what I ‘brought to the table’, she skillfully used powerful questioning and coaching processes to help me sort through things and come out the other side, relieved, renewed and ready to implement well-constructed plans. She is compassionate, truly caring and very knowledgeable. One thing I loved about her is that she was not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know’, but how can we find out.

“I highly recommend Martha Nugent to anyone who is overwhelmed, stuck, unmotivated and is REALLY READY FOR A CHANGE! I was ready, but didn’t have a clue about where to start. Her skillful use of coaching processes and strategies broke right through the confusion and before I knew it, what seemed like a 2-foot tangled ball of yarn came unraveled. I could see everything in my life from a new perspective.”

Beth C. Houston, Texas

“I highly recommend Martha Nugent, Your Complete Life Coach. I knew I needed a coach to help me set new goals and be an accountability partner. What I didn’t expect was the coaching experience would be life-changing. I set out to work through relationship problems and we did get that taken care of. I was soon going in a positive direction and had a real handle on how to manage situations while maintaining my integrity and learning how to stand-my-ground with love & compassion, even! –The surprise was that I began to see things differently and learn a whole lot about WHO I am. I decided to change careers! Martha helped me put those pieces together and with my plan in hand, I was able to dazzle myself! Win! Win!”

Melanie T, Austin, Texas

“Hello. I’m so happy that I decided to find a coach. I grew up feeling confident and accomplished by the time I entered my 40’s. Life took some turns and due to circumstances out of my control, I was suddenly facing a terrible loss and a deep disappointment in humanity. Martha helped me discover that life is always full of possibility and plenty miracles to go around. She accepted me for who I was at the time and step by step I regained some confidence and began to trust again. Martha helped me to learn if I can imagine it, if I can wish it, I can create it. Patience is required, but little by little a ‘new life’ is blooming.’”

Deanna R. Covington, La.

“I loved working with Martha as a personal coach. I had used a coach before, but then I found out about what she had to offer that was different. She uses a process called Core Energy and it all begins with the Personal Power Assessment. I learned new things about myself. I learned I could shift my own energy to get more of what I wanted out of a situation. I feel more balanced and freed up to make different choices—kind of like re-inventing myself!”

Valerie C. Plano, Texas