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Move People!

I’m on a mission to discover all the ways to move people. If you take a peek at VisualThesuarus.com, you’ll find that ‘move’ can mean everything from play and run to motivate, affect, and propel. Why does it matter to me? Why would it matter to you? We can’t answer the question without the mention of the ‘L’ word. Wait! Hang in there; please keep reading because this […]

What if … You Could Control Your State of Mind?

Wonder is an amazing state of mind.  Have you ever noticed someone with a facial expression, somewhat similar to this young man in the photo?  It’s an expression of wonder. Wonder is where the possibility of something new occurs. The world expands, with you in it. You might find that the state of mind called ‘wonder’ causes a shift in your mind–your state of mind. ‘Wonder’ also occurs for you when […]