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Through terrible personal tragedy, Martha learned first-hand how to turn tragic loss into a life of joy and how to transform obstacles into opportunities.  With a strong professional background, a lot of experience in healing modalities, personal research, and pure desire lead her to the biggest transition and transformation of her lifetime.

Martha has 20+ years as a professional in education, training, support, resources, and advocacy.  She holds a Masters Degree plus numerous certifications in the areas of social services, mental health, and energy healing.  She has worked in education, community mental health centers, and at an in-patient hospital.  Martha has authored pdf’s for training purposes and written a life coaching program to use with her clients.

As a professional coach and energy practitioner, she believes in using evidence-based practices, the best tools, information, and strategies.  Martha adheres to a professional code of ethics.

Martha’s comprehensive coaching packages slice right through obstacles, stuck places, fear, worry, doubt, and procrastination that hold you back by showing you how to access and activate your personal power.  Martha knows how to help you get clear on what you matters most, what you want, identify your priorities, and align your goals with your Ideal Image of what you want.  

Driven by her passion to help people create their own transformations in their personal or work lives, Martha drew on her 20+ years of life experience and professional expertise to formulate strong foundational concepts and principles into a Personal Power Self-Mastery Coaching System, Your Complete Life.

If you’re looking for expanded results at work, something special in your personal life, or just more happiness and new levels of success and you get stopped, feel confused, or maybe worried or stuck, Martha has proven strategies in her Personal Power Formula that can help you identify what gets in your way so you can have the life you love.

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