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I wonder.

I wonder.

Wonder is an amazing state of mind.  Have you ever noticed someone with a facial expression, somewhat similar to this young man in the photo?  It’s an expression of wonder. Wonder is where the possibility of something new occurs. The world expands, with you in it.

You might find that the state of mind called ‘wonder’ causes a shift in your mind–your state of mind.

‘Wonder’ also occurs for you when you question the world around you.  Too, if you’ve marveled at the question, ‘What if my life wish or passion came true, for real?’  Your mind becomes curious.  Curiosity is probably the closest to wonder.
Try this.  Let’s say, for example, you walk into a room and you see your friends are there, or perhaps your co-workers.  And prior to walking into the room you decide you’re going to try something different, on purpose…. an experiment.  Let’s say, you decide to enter the room with absolute curiosity.
PREPARE.  So, to prepare for this experiment, you clear your mind of all things:
  • What happened that day
  • The stress you may FEEL
  • What you’re going to eat for dinner
  • What you’re going to watch on T.V.
All of it.  Let it all go. Use your mind power to let it all go.
As you let go, take 3 deep breaths, inhale and exhale, and so on.
Now you’re ready to try it out. Enter the room thinking of nothing but the people you see when you walk in. And say, to yourself, ‘I’m really curious about how each person. ‘I’m curious about if they’re happy or not.’ The stress of their day, be curious about it.  What bothers them– be curious about it.
Be curious. Be questioning. Maintain intense curiosity for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Then, ask yourself as you wonder, ‘How can I make a difference? Pay attention to what comes to mind. This is an experiment, an experiment in life.  Then ask yourself—
What was your experience like?
What came to mind when you became curious?
What came up that surprised you?
How did it make you feel?
What new awareness did you have?
Wonder is magical. Wonder creates extraordinary possibility.
Try it one time each day for a week and let us know how it goes.
Here’s to …Your Complete Life,
Send me a personal message at martha@yourcompletelifecoach.com to let me know how I can help you create wonder and possibility in your life.